Happy New Year from GWR…

Just brilliant.

So, I have to an early task to complete in Bristol before heading to London. I’m already expecting chaos due to the tube strike which I was convinced  would be postponed, so had spent a chunk of Sunday evening  rearranging meetings…

Instead of my usual 0830 departure, I would enjoy the benefits offered by the next departure, the 0900. The 0900 can be quite a nice train as it doesn’t stop at Didcot and, let’s be honest, no-one really wants to spend too much time in the company of people from Didcot do they? I was actually looking forward to the journey. I’m feeling calm. I’ll have time for one of those nice bacon sarnies from the buffet on platform 10. Good karma abounds.

Then this;


It’s only the first bloody Monday of the year and already GWR have ripped into my life. I now have a massive rush to get to my first meeting, a meeting that can’t be delayed as the client has a flight to catch. Why should I have to continually build time into my diary for GWR farce time. Why can’t the service just run nicely???  It’s only the 9th of January and already they’re cancelling services. No apology. No nothing. No staff dealing with queries. Just Cancelled. They might as well put a hand giving the bird on the screen.

So, the annual delay tally (which I shall refer to as the ADT) is already at 30 minutes and   my calm is gone….

And this is before I’ve even met my fellow travellers.
Ps the 0930 was cancelled as well **** ******** 

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